Our office is equipped with a complete surgical suite. We use the most up-to-date anesthetic procedures and equipment to decrease the stress of surgery on your pet. Our anesthetic protocol is enhanced by our use of monitoring equipment including respiratory and constant EKG evaluation during surgery. The heated surgery table helps decrease recovery time while increasing overall post-operative recovery and comfort. To further facilitate the healing process, your pet will receive a Cold Laser Therapy to the surgery site while in recovery.  Lastly, no patient is left unattended by a veterinary technician at any time during a procedure.

We offer surgery at a multitude of levels, from preventive spay and neuters, to complicated soft tissue and orthopedic procedures. We will consult with our clients concerning their pets’ needs and also offer referral services when surgery needs require more intensive therapies.

The scheduled day of your pet’s surgery they will need to be admitted between 7:30 am to 9:00 am. Food will need to have been withheld after 8 pm the previous evening and no water after midnight the evening prior. If your pet is on maintenance medications, the staff will help you with dosing the day of surgery. Pre-operative blood work is offered to help reduce the risks associated with anesthesia and is highly recommended; however, for healthy pet’s under the age of 6 we do not require pre-anesthetic blood work for routine procedures. For our senior pets, over the age of 6, we do require pre-anesthetic lab testing which is done in-house before the procedure to minimize complications and help facilitate a smooth recovery. Pain management is administered to every surgical patient and may also be sent home to help keep your pet comfortable. Our staff will be in contact with you after the procedure to update you on your pet’s recovery status and confirm discharge information as well as send a photo of your pet in recovery if desired. At the time of discharge you will be given detailed instructions on post-operative home care and we will contact you after returning home to ensure your pet is doing well. While surgery may be an anxious time for you and your pet, our staff will be available to assist you through the scheduling, prepping and at home care to promote a healthy recovery.

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