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The Barger House

According to Sullivan County Courthouse records, The Barger House was built in 1887 and actually owned more than 100 acres of land. The following is an excerpt from Historic Sites of Sullivan County by the Sullivan County Historical Commission and Associates, published in 1976:

George W. Barger House

The Barger family began buying tracts of land adjacent to the above-described property in 1838 (formerly owned by Carr Bailey) and accumulated many acres. In recent years, the Barger heirs formed the Barger and Salyer Land Corporation, and have sub-divided the property into residential lots. In the late nineteenth century, the grandparents of the Barger’s of said corporation, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Barger built the neat and well kept two-story white frame farmhouse located at he intersection of the Island road and State Highway 126 near Kingsport. George Barger’s son, James Barger (born 1867) inherited the white farmhouse and willed it to his children who now rent the house to the Johnston family.

Dr. Cherry purchased the house in 1998 to open Cherry Point Animal Hospital, which was named for his Great-Grandparents homestead, called Cherry Point. It was actually in extremely well kept condition and has been an ideal place to have an office. Though he has made several additions to the building, Dr. Cherry strives to maintain the integrity of the house. It has stood for 125 years and will hopefully remain a landmark in the Indian Springs Community for many years to come.

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